Dog Trainer Curbs Chihuahua’s Bullying

Santa Barbara Independent, 2017

My Riley is a little guy: 11 pounds soaking wet. But when his new, bigger “brother” Bruce moved in, that tiny Chihuahua ruled the roost like he was a 110-pound pooch. Bruce is a pit bull/cattle dog mix who looks like a Holstein cow and has the energy of a puppy despite being 4 years old. As time passed, Riley became more aggressive, growling and charging at Bruce when he came near. Despite our verbal scoldings, Riley’s bullying behavior continued.

So we called in an expert, dog trainer Nathan Woods. I first met Woods nearly 10 years ago when I hired him to work with my Chihuahua Simon, who also had Napoleonic tendencies. Our student/teacher relationship was successful, so I’ve called upon him off and on for advice.

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Santa Barbara Pet Services is now Nathan Woods, Dog Trainer™, 2016

“Everyone is capable of greatness. It’s the same for dogs.” — Nathan Woods

Santa Barbara Pet Services, provider of superior dog training services and consultations in Santa Barbara since 2001, will now offer them under the name Nathan Woods, Dog Trainer™. The new name reflects Woods’ emphasis on his personal dog training expertise and philosophy—summarized in the tagline “Unleash your dog’s full potential—and your own.”

“My purpose in life is to help people bring out the best in their dogs,” he says. “As part of the equation, I’ve found that a well-trained dog also brings out the best in you. “Most people settle for far too little from their dogs,” Woods continues. “But because I’ve produced champions and trained dogs to the highest level, I know that it’s not something special in the dog; it’s something special in the training. I see the potential in dogs that their owners can’t see—simply because they’ve never experienced it before. “My experience has convinced me that virtually all dogs are capable of performing at the responsiveness level of show dogs. Moreover, they enjoy responding at this level; it gives them a sense of purpose.”

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Woods-noozhawk-articleLoose Pooch Dog Club Will Keep Your Furry Friend’s Tail Wagging

Noozhawk, 2015

Santa Barbarans love their dogs, so it’s not surprising that, when they go to work, many would prefer their four-legged friend to be cared for by and in the company of professionals.

It only seems right that your dog shouldn’t be left alone and bored for eight hours just because you have to work, right? Read more…


2011 Year in Pictures, Feature

Santa Barbara Independent, 2011

“…canine caregivers like Nathan Woods (top right) gave Fidos a place to stay each day, as part of the Loose Pooch Dog Club.”




Hound Haven

Santa Barbara Independent, 2011

Nathan Woods is stunningly assured in his passion and profession. “My purpose in life is to help people bring out the best in their dogs,” he said confidently, watching a dozen pups romp around the back room of this downtown business. As furry tails and ears flashed past the viewing window, Woods leaned on the storefront’s counter and mused, “Everyone is capable of greatness. It’s the same for dogs.” Read more…




Canine Companions

Trainer Nathan Woods Helps You Get the Most from your Dog

Santa Barbara Independent, 2006

“Thanks, and enjoy your pet,” says the message on Nathan Woods’s voice mail. And if your pet is causing more headaches than enjoyment, he’s got the cure. Woods, dog trainer extraordinaire and founder of Santa Barbara Pet Services, believes that we should all expect more from our pets — and he’s got the skills to turn even the most devilish of dogs into the delightful, obedient companions of your dreams. Read more…


Praise Keeps Canines from Going to the Dogs

Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1995

Like a drill instructor pacing before his platoon, 16-year-old Nathan Woods walked back and forth in front of his class of canines and their owners. Read more…


Way to go, Mindy

Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1990

Nathan Woods’ natural talent with animals has blossomed in the course of training his family’s poodle puppy, Mindy. Here he leads Mindy through the confidence-building obstacle course at Richmond Dog Training Center. Read more…