Dog Training Option 1a

8 Sessions of Private Training

Nathan trains you to train your dog in 8 sessions of private, self paced dog training. I cover Weeks 1 – 8 on the Novice Level Syllabus which teaches your dog 8 obedience exercises and develops a habit of cooperation. A behavioral consultation is also included on the first session.

Dogs may start at anytime. These sessions are fully self-paced to fit the owner’s life style. Sessions are available most days. Nathan focuses mainly on training the owner. I go over all behavior problems starting the first day. You will receive a written step-by-step guide that is designed for you to practice with your dog 25 – 30 minutes per day for six days before moving forward. I meet at your house or where ever in town you prefer.

How Option #1a Operates
Sessions are paid for upfront the first day. The first session I immediately address all behavior issues you may be having. Sessions can be done in the privacy of your home or in public place such as a park or beach. Sessions last approximately one hour. The first is about 2 hours depending on the number of issues I need to go over. Once you have worked with the dog 5 days on your own, call to schedule an appointment for our next meeting. It is preferable to complete one session per week. However, if something comes up in your schedule, then take extra time that is needed. Upon the completion of the course, your dog will have great control on and off leash.

Price: $500