Dog Training Option 2b

This is our VIP dog training package and includes training 4 days per week (M-Th) over a 10 week period (40 sessions). This option covers all 8 weeks of the Novice Level Syllabus.

With this option, you provide the transportation for your dog to and from Loose Pooch Dog Club located at 1925 State Street in Santa Barbara, CA where they will receive lots of dog socialization. Dogs need to be dropped off between 7:45am – 10 am. and picked up between 3pm – 6pm. I then go downtown to the busiest part of State Street and begin practicing obedience exercises with each dog individually. Our goal is not only to teach your dog obedience skills around numerous distractions, but to develop a habit of cooperation. Once the dog is several weeks into its training, I then show the owner the technique behind each exercise. This allows the owner to enforce what the dog has already learned. I ask that the owner practice with us about once a week. You are required to sign up for this option 4 weeks at a time. 8 session clients may upgrade at any point.

Training Schedule:
Monday-Thursday, 4 days per week, extending over a 10 week period

How Option #2b Operates
Ten weeks (40 training days) will be paid up front the first day minus any remaining balance. I keep a daily balance sheet which will keep track of each day’s activity and level of training which will allow owners to follow the written step by step guide which is divided into specific days. Upon the completion of this option, your dog will have great control on and off leash, and will have completed my Novice Level training program.

Price: Available upon request.